What is drivecool?

drivecool is a consumer road-safety campaign brand which aims to reduce driving related deaths by encouraging road users to take a greater sense of responsibility and change their behavior.

Created by 30-year-old Championship winning British racing-driver, James Cole, drivecool promotes a simple new 'cool it' attitude to vehicles and road-usage.

Connecting road-safety initiatives and campaigns from around the world, the new drivecool 'Global Road Safety Network', will link millions of people who are concerned about road-safety.

How is it drivecool different?

Whilst committed to making road usage as safe as possible, drivecool also promotes the enormous benefits of the car and driving; using the power of social media to tackle all road related subjects in an open, honest, relevant and non judgemental way.

What does drivecool do?

It promotes road-safety through commercial brand partnerships and modern media campaigns and challenges people to think differently about five key road-safety issues; speed – telephone – seatbelt – drink – drugs.

It connects people through social media and via its 'global road-safety network'; an online community which draws together road-safety information, initiatives and people from around the world.


  • To get businesses involved in the fight to improve safety and save lives on the world's roads.
  • To create a halo-effect licensing brand to provide a flow of money from the business sector to promote road-safety education.
  • To help connect road-safety initiatives and campaigns from around the world through its 'global road-safety Network'.


  • To get millions of road users to take the drivecool pledge and promise to ‘cool it’ when using the road. Asking everyone to drivecool and save lives.
  • Vision Zero. The elimination ‘to zero’ of long term death and serious injury on the roads.
  • To get Governments, road safety organisations, global businesses and ordinary people working together to accomplish this.


Launched in 2013, drivecool was created by British Touring Car Championship racing driver, James Cole, who was inspired by his own personal experiences when he was knocked down and badly injured as an 11-year-old school boy. His post collision medical care, which was overseen by the late Prof Sid Watkins, the FIA’s Formula One safety and medical delegate, further inspired him.

"Sid helped me to recover after my accident." says James. "He was from Liverpool too, and he was a straight talker. He definitely inspired me. I think he’d approve of what we are trying to do with drivecool."

The concept behind drivecool grew from James’ early racing career. "drivecool" he would say to himself when he climbed into his race car. "Stay calm, keep a cool head and drivecool." And as simple as that, the drivecool brand was born.

Non Profit

drivecool is a Not-For-Profit Organisation (NPO), in the same way as RED, the Aids awareness brand, which was set up by Bono and Bobby Shriver in 2006.

All profits will go into road-safety marketing.







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